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At FlashGrade, we come from families of educators. We've all witnessed firsthand how tedious grading by hand can be. That's why we built and patented the first mobile grading technology and continue to build tools to help make educators more productive.

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Reduce costs associated with purchasing proprietary scanners and test sheets. Empower educators to print tests on-demand when they need them, from any printer.

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Increase your educators’ instructional time by automating the grading process. Grade tests in seconds and store all of the data in the cloud. No more waiting for results for days or weeks.

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Grade from anywhere using any scanner, mobile device or web browser. Once tests are graded, access testing data in the FlashGrade Cloud from any web browser.

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Track students’ progress at any time using FlashGrade.

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    Mobile grading — Download FlashGrade’s mobile grading applications to begin grading from any mobile device. Review results directly from the device.

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    Multifunction printer grading — Access FlashGrade on your multifunction printers to print, grade, and review results directly from the device. Currently available on Toshiba e-STUDIO™ multifunction printers.

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    Web grading — Simply login to the FlashGrade Cloud using any web browser and upload your student test forms in PDF format to grade your tests.

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    Cloud storage — All tests results are securely stored in the cloud. Visit the FlashGrade Cloud from any web browser to view all your test data and images, get in-depth analytics and export student data to your gradebook.

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    Customer support — Just got started and have a few questions? We are here to help you. Get help in our support site.


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